Top 10 Worst Bubble Gut Bodybuilders Ever

Now there’s a new phenomenon called a “distended gut” or “Palumboism” (Named after Dave Palumbo, a body-builder who was first to rock the gut). GH gut is the extremely enlarged belly in bodybuilders. It is noticeable especially when athletes have a ripped body. In this case, they have got six packs, but their waist is very wide, and the belly is bloated. That is why HGH gut is also called the syndrome of a pregnant bodybuilder. Palumboism is the name of the condition found in individuals who have developed an enlarged stomach from abusing human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin. In fact, it is also known as GH gut and roid gut. However, it was originally named after Dave Palumbo, who developed one of the worst GH guts of all time during his time competing as a bodybuilder.

First bloated bellies have been noticed in the 1990s when Dorian Yates became Mr. Olimpia and took the place of Lee Haynee. It is widely considered that Yates was the first professional bodybuilder to have HGH gut in professional bodybuilding.

10 most extreme bubble gut bodybuilders in bodybuilding history (The biggest GH Gut in bodybuilding):
1. Big Lenny
2. Dave Palumbo
3. Roelly Winklaar
4. Kai Greene
5. Phil Heath
6. Markus Ruhl
7. Ronnie Coleman
8. Jean-Pierre Fux
9. Dorian Yates
10. Greg Kovacs


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