TFR 45 – Tactical Periodization – 52 Week Planning with Jeff Nichols

See more info, articles, books, ebooks, podcasts at Former Navy SEALs and fitness professionals Stew Smith and Jeff Nichols discuss Tactical Fitness Periodization in a new series focusing on a 52 week cycle. This podcast discusses the entire year breakdown on how to prepare for a selection goal 52 weeks in advance.

Jeff’s Method: 52 week plan:

Strength / Hypertrophy- 6 week cycle
Adding speed 2 week cycle
Adding power / speed / agility 2 week cycle
Adjust as needed – Cycle through the year adding run, swim, rucking progressively.

Stew’s method discussed:

Contact information for Jeff Nichols CSCS
Instagram: @jeffcscs and @onlyeasyday

Stew Smith Contact:
Instagram: @stewsmith50
Twitter: @stewsmith

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