Prolapse Exercises – 5 Safe Strength Exercises for Women

Prolapse exercises for women with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Michelle Kenway from Learn 5 pelvic floor safe exercises for strengthening and toning your legs, back and upper body with a simple workout suited to home or gym-based exerc.

Knowing how to exercise safely and stay in shape with a prolapse can be challenging for women. Michelle guides you step by step through 5 exercises to help you strengthen and tone your body without placing strain upon your pelvic floor and prolapse. These exercises are shown with techniques to protect your pelvic floor so that you can exercise without fear of worsening prolapse symptoms.

The prolapse exercises in this video do not require expensive equipment. These exercises incorporate hand held weights (dumb bell weights) and an exercise ball however they can be readily performed without weights, or using a couple of cans and a chair for women who don’t have home exercise equipment.

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This prolapse and exercise workout demonstrates pelvic floor safe strength exercises for legs, back and seated upper body toning. You can simply view the exercises demonstrated or exercise along with Michelle.


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