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Is Endurance Training Overused And Is It Ruining Your Health?

This video we explore the topic of endurance training and how it has become the staple of almost every exercise method. There is many great benefits to endurance training, but there is also many negatives and in particular the hidden dangers that many are completely unaware of.
In this video we explore this in great detail to provide you with a more rounded out health and fitness plan.

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Firstly I will take this opportunity to say I am not a cardio hater, and I am not necessarily and endurance hater either. In fact I have spent much of my life competing in endurance events from half marathons to 200km cycling races and all day adventure racing. I am no stranger to the demands of endurance training, but I do understand exactly what it does to my body, and I make modifications to my training to counter this excessive damage and at times I avoid it all together.

When people start out with exercise they are very much like the beginner weight lifter or gymnast, they lack skills to do intense training safely. It is at this point you come to a fork in the road and you have two choices.

1. They can devote time to learn the necessary skills and techniques and master these in preparation to do more highly skilled exercises and movements. Great results will be provided but will take considerable time to reach this stage.
2. They can skip technique and reduce the intensity of the exercises to make it safer where you can make mistakes and no immediate consequence will result. Poor to average results from this will be achieved, but you can start instantly.

Most people pick option two. Why? Mainly because it is easier, less risky and much faster to get into. Even though it produces significantly less results and definitely not the things you really need, people will still pick this choice because it is easy.

With regards to running this is where you see people participate in fun runs of 10km or more instead of joining an athletics club and learning to sprint or do the long jump.

When it comes to strength training this is where you see the endless circuits of high reps with exercises like burpees and walking lunges etc.

The emphasis here is on how fast you can do it, not on technique. “Feel the burn”, “No pain, no gain” all this type of thinking which is only reinforcing poor movement strategies and development of slow twitch muscles. This is all high volume low intensity garbage exercise. The only thing that is greatly improving is endurance. Yet it is so easy to improve endurance. I can see a beginner who has never exercised before, and within 4 weeks they will already notice significant difference in their endurance. However to improve someone’s speed or power can take 2 years for me to be able to change. Even balance and agility is much more difficult to train than endurance.

I cannot tell you how many sporting athletes who come to see me to improve their speed and explosive power and their training regime looks something like I just described. No wonder they do not improve for they are training the completely wrong energy systems with the worst type of exercises. Yet even when I explain this they are still stuck in the mindset of “feel the burn” and do not want to put in the work that moving fast demands. They have to go backwards and learn fundamentals before getting to the fun stuff.

So does this mean you need to become a gymnast or weight lifter! No, not at all. But you do need to learn how to execute key movements at a level of intensity that will test your capacity for perfect technique.

You must learn how to MOVE WELL, before you MOVE MORE!

And this can only be felt with high intensity training, and not the endless volume of “junk training” we see in most gyms. Key movements include Deadlifts, Squats, Lunges, Single leg exercises along with pushing, pulling and twisting movements must be learned and perfected.

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