Weight Training For BJJ Vlog : Intro – Muscle Mass Builders    

Weight Training For BJJ Vlog : Intro

I get several questions every week concerning what the best weight training for BJJ and grappling. Which exercises people should use. And how they should split the workouts up, between BJJ and the gym, to get the most from their lifting and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

I’ve done a couple of vlogs showing some of my strength training and conditioning workouts which have been helpful to some of you.

So I figured what I’d do is start keeping the camera on during some of my weight training and conditioning sessions.

Since my BJJ competition season is winding down it means I’ll have more time to focus on my weight training and lifting. Which kind of excites me because I’m a bit of a meathead.

In the future weight training for BJJ Vlogs I’ll be sharing little bits and pieces of the workouts I’m doing in the hopes that it will help you guys with your strength training question related to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Again, if you have any questions in particular that I can help with. I’ll do my best to address them in the videos.

Again, I don’t come from a place of “all-knowing” in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Instead I come from a place of just merely showing the stuff I’ve learned in the hopes that it serves other people.

Over the future series of Vlogs (however long that may be), I hope to give you guys some good stuff to incorporate into your strength training regime. And I hope it supports your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training.

As I share in the video. I’ve been as heavy as 255lbs when I was powerlifting. Just trying to lift as much as humanly possible. I felt like I could move a house (I could eat one too), but it negatively affected my Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Then I’ve been as low as 195lbs when I stopped lifting almost completely and I felt like I became more injury prone.

So now when I lift. It’s with the idea that I’m trying to benefit my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training.

So I hope you enjoy the future videos and get some useful insights from them.

Thanks guys!




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