Top 10 Bodybuilding Addicts That Went Too Far 2017

Top 10 Bodybuilding Addicts That Went Too Far 2017 | 10
Bodybuilders Who Went WAY Too Far


At some point or the other we have all craved for those pumped up muscles, slender bodies and well toned legs. After all, the bulky physique oozes health and determination to endure years of training. Maybe that’s not always the case. Ever wondered what would happen to your body if you took the whole bodybuilding thing to another level? That’s what we are here for! We present to you 10 bodybuilders who got so addicted to their sport that they went completely off track!

10. Ronnie Coleman
9. Markus Ruhl
8. Greg Kovacs
7. Candice Armstrong
6. Gordon Kimbrough
5. Greg Plitt
4. Romario Dos Santos Alves
3. Gregg Valentino
2. Alexandra Rudenko
1. Andreas Münzer

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