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Bad Calve Genetics? Why some bodybuilders have small calves.

Real Training Tips for Building Up Stubborn Calves with Bad Genetics.

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Well developed calves really help to balance out your leg development and enhance the overall look of your physique. No body wants to have the “Chicken Leg” look of having big muscular thighs stacked on top of puny little calves.

Sometimes it’s poor genetics that is responsible for skinny calves.
Other times it improper training that can prevent you from developing muscular calves. But regardless of your situation, making improvements is always possible.

When it comes to calve workouts, there is a definite “Right” and “Wrong” way to go about maximizing muscle growth in the calves.

Unfortunately, most guys at the gym are doing things the wrong way by making some critical mistakes in their calve exercises that prevent them from getting the results that they should be getting.

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