30 Minute LIIT Cardio Workout | Fat Burning | Low Intensity Interval Training

Join me for a 30 Minute Low-Intensity Fat Burning Cardio Workout!

40 secs of workout followed by 20 seconds rest!

NO weights are needed for this workout, however, if you want to make this workout more intense grab a pair of dumbbells or ankle weights!

Circuit one:
Double Knee
Hamstring Jacks
Single Leg Skater

Circuit two:
Slow Mountain Climbers
Straight Leg Lunge
Basic Quick Squat

Circuit three:
Step Punches
High Knee Hand/Elbow to Opposite Knee
Lateral Lunge Rocks

Circuit four:
Opposite Arm Leg touches
Squat Reaches

Circuit five:
Plank on Elbow Knee Taps
Half Jack to Narrow Squat
Squat to Twist to Sky

***This workout does not include a cooldown.

*** Level: Beginner
Equipment: NADA
Intensity: Low

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